Board Of Directors

          The Washington Neighborhood Center is located at 400 16th Street in one of Sacramento’s oldest neighborhoods. The Center was originally founded by the Fremont Presbyterian Church as an outreach program in 1952. The Center has provided residents of the Alkali Flat and Washington neighborhoods a wide complement of programs and services for over 50 years. Offering programs in the arts, education, recreational activities, health, culture and an overall emphasis on the development of youth, the Center and its programs have served as a refuge for many who reside in a troubled environment.

       The RCAF is a Sacramento, California-based art collective, founded in 1970 by José Montoya and Esteban Villa, as one of the most important collective artist groups in the Chicano art movement in California during the 1970's and the 1980's. During these times the RCAF was instrumental as staff, board members and volunteers in creating some of the most remembered, impacting and inspiring decades in Washington Neighborhoods Center history.

Jose Ramirez

(Board Chairman)

​Amar Cid-Porras

(Secretary Treasurer)

Dolores Sandoval

​(Board Member)

Advisory Comittee


Josephine  Talamantez/RCAF

Senon Valdez/RCAF

Juanita Ontiveros/RCAF

Lupe Portillo/RCAF

Washington Neighborhood Center.

improving family life  through knowledge, the arts, Culture & community

Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF)